From the tender age of four, Kaischa was captivated by the world of music. Her first encounter with a piano ignited a deep passion within her, leading to an unrelenting drive to master her craft. Inspired by the legendary Alicia Keys, Kaischa committed herself to honing her skills in singing, playing piano, and producing music. Her dedication and focus propelled her into the urban music scene at an extraordinary pace.

Kaischa was relentless in her pursuit of musical excellence. As a self-taught producer, she utilized every resource at her disposal to compose and record her own tracks. Memorizing keys and chords by ear, Kaischa began penning heartfelt love songs that later evolved into sultry R&B ballads. Her unique approach to performing captivated audiences; by playing the piano and singing with a soulful ensemble of backup vocalists, she commanded the stage.

Driven by ambition, Kaischa accelerated her studies and graduated from school at the age of 16. She soon released her debut album, "Chapter 23," and swiftly secured a spot in the lineup at local concerts and events. Among her most notable performances, Kaischa has opened for Krystall Poppin and Angel Cintron, graced stages across the city, such as Traders Village Comic-Con, The Rock Box, Paper Tiger, and Vulcan Gas Company, and recorded at the renowned Quad Studios in New York for the reboot of Starpoint Band as a tribute to the late Renee Diggs.

Kaischa's unyielding determination has not gone unnoticed. After dropping her latest single, "FML," she caught the eye of industry professionals that were intrigued by her vision. Kaischa now stands on the cusp of a promising career, poised to make her mark as a fresh and innovative voice in the urban music industry.











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